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Guidelines for Submitting Content to the One Voice

At the One Voice we rely heavily on material from our readers and we truly do need and want your help. Although we cannot guarantee publication of all material sent to us, we would ask that you follow these guidelines when considering sending material in order to insure the material is suitable for publication.  

For parish communication managers and for anyone interested in sharing information, the question might arise, “What is considered news?” The best way to answer this question is to ask, “Would other readers be interested in learning about this news?” In other words, if you know of regular people doing extraordinary things, then it is news, or if there is an event that has a diocesan-wide impact, then it is news. 

Submitting Articles

When you have determined that you have an article to send for publication, please include the basics: who, what when, where, why and how. The articles should be as concise and factual as possible avoiding flowery words and descriptions. Generally, articles should be around 500 to 800 words in length. Material submitted for the Calendar Events section should be around 100 words in length. 

Regarding the content of the article, please consider the so-called “pyramid of writing” which deals with addressing the most important information first. Less pertinent information follows in descending order. Also, please use single spacing between sentences instead of the standard two spaces. Lastly, please provide a succinct yet attention grabbing headline. 

Please note that submissions are edited to fit in the space available and to fit journalistic style. Also, articles and Calendar Events should be typed or written clearly. However, we would prefer that all text be submitted in a word processing file and attached to an e-mail. This method, instead of typing the article within the body of an e-mail, helps to minimize error in the final publication.

When submitting either a hard copy or a digital file, please include the contact person and that person’s contact information, preferably a day and night phone number. We would need this information just in case we have a question regarding the article. 

If you or anyone you know enjoys writing, please feel free to submit your work. Please note, however, that once the work is submitted, it becomes the property of the One Voice. Simply, there cannot be a copyright attached to the work; therefore, the One Voice is not liable to compensate the author.

Submitting Photographs

When considering a photograph for publication, please strive for action-oriented images as opposed to posed images. Group shot are acceptable due to those types of images being unavoidable at times; however, please note that we would prefer to have another perspective on an event.  If the composition of the image is simple, then it will be more eye-catching. 

Like articles, please submit the photograph as an individual attachment. We sometimes get images embedded in the text of an e-mail or in the text of a word document. Images sent this way will not be used because those images cannot be reproduced with good quality. We must be sent the original file, usually a jpeg file. 

All digital photographs submitted for publication should be at least 300 ppi. In order to insure the photograph meets this requirement, set the camera to the largest image file setting available (usually labeled “L” for large). If the photograph does not meet our standards, we will not be able to publish it. Since we do wish to include images sent by our readers, please strive for the best quality.

For all photographs being submitted as a hard copy, the photograph must be an actual 4x6 print or larger. Please insure the photograph is not creased. If you wish to have the hard copy returned, please let us know.

When submitting a photograph, hard copy or digital, please include a caption describing the action in the photograph.  Also, include the names of people, but please list alphabetically if children are pictured in order to maintain child protection. A contact person and that person’s contact information should be included along with the photograph just in case we have questions.

Submitting Advertisements

If you would like to advertise with us, we will be glad to offer you a space in the One Voice. We have ad sizes and rates available that can help you in your decision to advertise with us. We do, however, have some requirements for ads to insure publication.

First, the size of the ad must be correct. If you need the correct measurements, we will be happy to provide the measurements upon request. 

Second, for all camera-ready ads being submitted as a hard copy, the ad must be a clear and sharp paper hard copy that is at least the size to be published. 

Third, for camera-ready ads being submitted in PDF format, the PDF settings should be set to “print quality.” Also, if the ad is intended to be B & W, then the ad should be grayscale. If the ad is intended to be color, then the color default should be set to CMYK with type at 100% K or black. 

Lastly, for ads that are not camera-ready, the One Voice will design your ad free of charge. In order for the staff to successfully design the ad, the components (i.e. support files such as text, images, fonts, logos, etc.) should be sent to the One Voice following the same guidelines used for articles and photographs. If the ad is designed in a program such as Microsoft Publisher, you must send a PDF of the ad. 


The deadline for submitting articles, photographs, or ads is Thursday at noon, 8 days before the publication date. If you would like the One Voice staff to cover an important event, please give notification 3 weeks prior to the event. If you need any help submitting content for publication, please feel free to contact the office at 205-838-8305.

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