St. Barnabas to hold public Rosary Rally, Oct. 13.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

St. Barnabas to hold public Rosary Rally, Oct. 13
The local Fatima Anniversary Rally will take place at St. Barnabas Catholic Church, 7921 1st Ave. North in Birmingham. Please join us in praying for our nation on Oct. 13 promptly at 12 noon.
As we all know, the United States is in great need of public prayer, repentance and conversion. We must ask God to save America through the Rosary of His Most Holy Mother.
The event is one of 23,000 across the United States on this day, so please be a part of the voice.
For more information, please contact Sammy Schillaci at 205-541-3418.

message from the bishop

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